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about me: the cutter upper

Why cut up?

Life happens.  One day it's great, but the next it's not so much.  Cutting up with yourself or others helps make the good days great and the bad days better.  That's why I've combined two of my favorite things: designing cut files for crafting and sharing classroom ideas.  When I cut up, it's usually with my best friends, a few of whom I'm blessed to see every day at work! We may have been asked to quiet down a few times because we laugh so loudly (okay, I laugh too loudly, geez, Karen!).  My students have been known to cut up with me when I get tickled- no human alive can say "dongle" with a straight face in front of a room full of teenagers. And fortunately, I have a mini-me teenager with an attitude who will occasionally cut up with me if I'm not being *too* embarrassing at any given moment.  

Who is this person?

I'm Vanessa, a National Board Certified Teacher (yeah, that's kind of a big deal, lol), about to start my 18th! year teaching.  I also mentor teachers going through the National Board process.  My preferred age group is high school- right now I teach American literature to 11th graders and ACT/PSAT Prep to 10-12 graders. No fear, though.  I love to adapt creative artistic ideas for my big kiddos, so I'm sure you'll be able to grab some inspiration from my teaching posts. 

Because I read a lot, I love quotes!  I post quotes around my classroom, and now I'm designing cut files with quotes to share with the world.  I hope you enjoy using them as much as I've enjoyed creating them!  

just cut up!

So, have fun, laugh, craft, teach, live, love, learn, and join the email list!   

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