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Back to School Project #1: Chair Makeover

From Drab to Fab!

I love going to thrift stores! So when I found a $5.00 stool at Big Fish Thrift Store down in Gulf Shores with its stained cushion and scratched wood, I had to grab it to use in my classroom! I sat and stared at it for a while before deciding to just go ahead and paint it our school colors (I had been dreaming of a pinterest worthy classroom, but since my funds are low right now, my classroom will be decorated with whatever I already own).  With the decision made, I raided my own paint box and found cobalt blue and china blue, which would work for our school color!  Both were Apple Barrel acrylics.  After I painted it, I wanted to add our mascot, if a sword can be considered a mascot?  So I traced our school logo and added my name where there is usually an R!   The cushion was a tad crinkly, but I just spend some time sitting and squishing it to keep it from making a sound.  This will go up front in my classroom so I'll have a place to sit/lean during long treks around my classroom.  I love how it turned out!  IF I were to do this for my own personal home chair/stool, I'd have painted the chair different colors and possibly painted a sunflower on the cushion.  Just an alternate idea.    

There was absolutely no prep for painting!

Well, I did wet the cushion before painting it, but that was to help the fibers absorb the paint better.  

DIY Chair Instructions:

1. Buy or find a cheap chair or repurpose one you already have.

2. Decide on your colors!

3. Depending on the surface of the chair (not cushion) you may want to sand it.  I did not because I used acrylic paints.

4. Using a spray bottle, wet a small section of the cushion, then paint the cushion.  I used a sponge brush at first, but then switched to a smaller paint brush that I used previously for the trim in my house.  They both worked, I'm just impatient.

5. Let the cushion dry.

6. Paint the chair while the cushion dries.  Be careful not to get any paint on the cushion.

7. Repeat the processes until you reach the color saturation you want!

8. Enjoy!  

Here is a sword file for you!  It is not the one I used because I don't own that design, but it is one I made!  Please be kind: it's the very first graphic I've put together for sharing :)