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Maybe your son or daughter, or husband, wife, neighbor, etc. plays Fortnite.  If so, you may hear all the screams, hoots, cries, and everything that echoes around the game room! My son and his friends always holler, "YEET! YEET! YEET!" when something good is happening, when something bad is happening, just pretty much when anything is happening.  So, to honor their love of this word, I made a sheet of YEETS! My son and his friends are picking up their MacBooks for school this week and next, and so now they'll have something else to decorate their covers with.  If you want to use this simple cut file for any personal projects, please do!  He's also asked me to do something with an "oop"?  I have no idea, lol.  Until next time, keep cutting up!

Download the files here: